Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to Old Roots

Sherille Pedron- Sevilla was barely eight years old when her entire family moved to the US. It all started when her father was offered a rare chance to work there as an engineer and bring his entire family to live there with visa provided. As expected, they flew to the US back in August 1986.

For 22 years, living in the United States and all, the family had been accustomed to the ways of westerners, adapting gradually to the changes and have maintained a vast circle of friends and acquaintances. Sherille, along with her siblings, have been very successful in finishing their studies and pursue respective careers, a thing that her parents are truly proud of. When asked what they truly miss in the Philippines, Sherille says, “Of course, my relatives. We don't have real family here, just adopted ones. ”

In the past, they managed to visit and come back. The last was in the 1990’s. There were other visits but neither are they complete or well-spent. “I would love to have to have a vacation there every year. But is is so hard to get away from our commitments here. It's also so expensive to go on vacation there. Everytime we go to the Philippines, we have to set aside 1 month off work. Being there for a couple of days is just not enough. So time and money are really the biggest factors that hinder me and Angel from visiting. ”

If there is one thing that makes this country truly worth- remembering for her, it was the way she had been with her relatives and the relationships they shared. For a long time, distance has never kept her mind off from a family they left behind decades ago and experiences appear to be distinct and clear as ever.

“I really wish that I had the luxury of growing up with cousins and my aunts. I really miss having a big family. During my wedding, I really wanted everyone to be there to share in my big day. Every holiday, I always think of them and how nice it would be if everyone was here.

I don't have too many many memories. Only of my cousin Jinky who would stay for 3 days to 1 week in Manila with me. We would play together and I thought it was like Christmas when she visited. She was my best friend when I was little and remember playing house with her a lot.”

And for someone who seems to have missed the Philippines this much, Sherille with her hubby Angel, who happens to be a lawyer and a true blooded Pinoy, is also receptive to the idea of acquiring a property here some time in the future. “Maybe, a vacation house will do.”

But she is quick to add that she’s having second thoughts more so valid reasons before considering such. Their present condition, and profession alongside her husbands’ plus the adjustments they need to address later on. She is quite honest to even say that she has no plans whatsoever to come and live here permanently.

“I don't see myself ever living in the Philippines simply because I am so accustomed to life here. Plus, being in the medical field, it would hard to adjust to the medical practices there. It truly is so different.

In addition, being that my husband is a lawyer, he would also have to adjust to different law practices. He and I would literally be starting over. Having gone to school for so long for our careers, starting over would be a really big decision and a highly unlikely one.”

With those being said, she is not closing her doors at all. She plans to go here whenever time permits to. In fact, there is one planned come June of 2009. Her fondness for nature brings her back to old roots, seeking to visit renowned places and tourist destinations, the Philippines have been famous for.

“Yes, in June 2009. I can't wait. Of course, I am looking forward to seeing family. I am also really excited to visit El Nido, Boracay, and other awesome sites in the Philippines!"

Sherille thinks of the US as her new found home but keeps in her heart the place, where she dealt with good old faces and heart-warming embraces. It could be true that life there is far better yet the memories are so precious for her to not even recall. It is good to find people thinking of us, the Philippines, the way they do. Who would have thought that there is a medical doctor in training, somewhere in Benicia, California traveling down memory lane as vivid as an eight-year old? For all we know, there are quite a number yearning for the Philippines too.

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