Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cherish Life's Simple Pleasures

Although email is just a click away, a lot of things still get in the way of constant communication with friends who have already migrated to other parts of the world. There's your full time job, kids, sidelines and other activities that occupies the day leaving no room to keep in touch with migrant friends. That's why it's a most welcome treat to hear from them and see how they are doing now.

Maria "Sweet" Corazon Reodique has been in the US for the past six years. A BS Accountancy graduate, she left the Philippines shortly after finishing her college degree. Lots of trials enveloped her first few years working abroad but this did not dampen her spirits. By sheer hard work and perseverance, Sweet, landed a good accounting job and now she's living independently in her own apartment with her own car. What a treat!

Sweet came home a few times in the 6-year duration, mostly during Christmas vacations. When asked what she misses most about the Philippines --- Sweet blatantly says it's the sense of humor Pinoys have. She said, "We Filipinos are not afraid to laugh at ourselves that's why we don't get depressed easily."

Quite true! Filipinos always find a reason to smile or joke around even in the most depressing situations. Sweet adds, "its not like that in the US. Life is serious here". Back here in the Philippines, Sweet loves to drop by friends' offices just to say hi and have a small chat.

Unfortunately, she can't do that in the US. She says, "Everything here is scheduled. I can't just pop in a friend's place or office without appointment; for sure they won't be able to see me even for a while."

In Philippines that is quite unimaginable. There's always a time to spare when a friend calls or drops by the office to say hi. It must be tough working there. "And here, everybody is in a hurry all the time", Sweet says of her lifestyle now. "I miss taking my sweet time and enjoying everything I do coz I don't get to do it here, she adds."

Apart from the usual family, food and bonding Filipino migrants miss most about the Philippines, this one is not so common. Everybody knows how fast paced America's lifestyle is but it's a huge difference when you have to live with it too. For many of us who has never experienced how to live in the super fast lane, we must be thinking it's the last thing we will miss given the chance to work in the US. After all, you can only appreciate something only after it's been taken away from you.

Sweet says, "I still want to cherish life's simple pleasures even while working here in the US, that's why I make it a point to get out of the city and take time out to relive the relaxed lifestyle I used to have back in the Philippines every time I can."

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