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How to go to Bureau of Immigration

Bureau of Immigration – The Point of Entry, Stay and Exit

The Bureau of Immigration is an important agency of the Philippine government because they have the mission to control and regulate the immigration of aliens in the country. Basically, if you are going to enter, stay and eventually exit the country you must pass through the Bureau of Immigration.

Before we proceed on how to get there, it is imperative that you understand the purpose of the Bureau of Immigration.

General Functions
  1. The bureau acts as the main enforcer of the Office of the President and the Department of Justice. It makes certain that all aliens within the Philippine territory are abiding the laws of the country.

  2. The bureau helps the local and international agencies in ensuring that the peace of the state is protected against aliens whose stay in the country is a possible cause of danger to public health, morals and safety, and most importantly the national security.

  3. The bureau functions as the main storage facility for all immigration documents with regards to the entry, temporary stay, admission, residence, and eventually the departure of all aliens in the country.
Detailed Functions

The Bureau of Immigration also responsible for some administrative powers, such as:
  1. Controls the entry, stay and exit of all aliens in the country. The bureau also monitors the entry and exit of Filipinos, in accordance with the Philippines laws and other applicable legal process.

  2. The bureau is tasked with the issuance of immigration certifications for the following visa type:
    1. Special Non-immigrant Visas
    2. Immigrant Visas
    3. Non-immigrant Visas

  3. The bureau is also tasked with the issuance of special permits with regards to the enforcement of immigration laws, such as the following:
    1. Special Study Permit (SSP)
    2. Provisional Permit to Work (PPW)
    3. Special Work Permit (SWP)
    4. Clearance, Re-entry Permits, etc.

  4. Give extensions of stay for temporary visitors and execute the application of any change in statuses in accordance with the law.

  5. Administratively determines the statuses of citizenship.

  6. To investigate, to hear, to decide and to execute orders regarding the exclusions, deportations, and repatriations of aliens.

  7. Monitors the Watch List, Blacklist and Hold Departures Orders known as the Bureau of Immigration Alert List.

  8. Immigration document cancellation upon proof of any violation of the immigration law.

  9. To investigate, to arrest, and to detain aliens who violate any law of the immigration and the Philippines.

  10. The bureau also has the function to accredit any learning institutions that has the ability to enroll alien students. As well as liaison officers, law firms, travel agencies and other organization that is transacting with the bureau.
Now that you know the different duties and responsibilities of the Bureau of Immigration, we now have to discuss on the different ways to get there. There are several ways that I managed to research, and basically it will depend on the traveler on which of it is convenient:

From the Roxas Boulevard, Manila

Way 1 – Public Transportation
  1. This is actually the fastest and most convenient way to get to the bureau. Ride the taxi it would probably take you 15-20 minutes (without traffic).

    Approximate Fare: Php 150.00 ($4.00)

  2. From Roxas Boulevard take a jeepney, FX or bus ride; take the route going to Lawton. From Lawton proceed to the Philippine Postal Corporation then take a jeepney ride (a very short trip only), take the route going to the Pier. These jeepney routes turn right immediately after the Quezon Bridge in Quiapo. Only this jeepney route goes inside Intramuros. Just tell the driver to drop you off at the bureau.

  3. From Roxas Boulevard take a jeepney, FX or bus ride; take the route going to Lawton. At Lawton you can either look for an underpass and cross the other side of the road as it leads to an open area beside the Collegio De San Juan De Letran the bureau is near it if you walk further or you can ride a tricycle.

    Approximate Fare: Php 20.00 ($0.50)

Way 2 – Private Transportation
  1. From U.S. Embassy Roxas Boulevard head northbound you will be passing by Rizal Park, Manila Hotel, National Power Corporation (NPC) and the Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH) on your left. When you hit the Anda Circle Rotonda, take the first right turn and go straight, you are now entering Intramuros, on your left you will immediately see the Palacio Del Gobernador. You are now on A. Soriano Jr. St., just drive until you hit the 4th intersection (actually a Y intersection) looking at Aduana Building (in ruins), behind it is already the Bureau of Immigration and in front of it is the BF Building where the Immigration's administrative department is located.

    Approximate Fuel Consumption: Php 100.00 ($2.50)
Roxas Boulevard was chosen as the point of origin because it is a highway that is frequently passed by from and to Ninoy Aquino International Airport, aside from the fact that it became popular because of BayWalk.


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