Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Bewitching Ilang-Ilang

If you would choose between a green-colored fragrant flower and a bright yellow-colored odorless one, which flower would you choose? If your senses prefer something that smells good rather than something that looks bright and colorful, take the green-colored flower. Chances are – it is an ilang-ilang.

The ilang-ilang's ordinary green shade and its flippant petals seem indistinct as it clings to the branches of its tree. But stand even two or three feet away from a tree profuse with its blooms and you will immediately notice the indistinct flowers. Its bewitching fragrance will make you want to have your own ilang-ilang by your house.

Do you want to see an ilang-ilang? If you are far from the countryside, go out to the streets of Metro Manila and keep an eye out for street kids who sell sampaguita leis. Buy a sampaguita lei that has one or two green flowers at the end. Now smell the wonderful fragrance of an ilang-ilang... and be bewitched.

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