Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Breakfast with a Heart

Hotels usually serve breakfast buffet to their guests, and The Mabuhay Manor is not an exception to this. But guests of The Mabuhay Manor all agree that breakfast here is special.

For balikbayans who have been away many, many years, breakfast at The Mabuhay Manor's own Lola's Restaurant is where balikbayans feel that – yes, they are back home. As the buffet tables burst with the smell of crispy dilis, salty tuyo, smoky tinapa combining with the special aroma of paksiw, dinuguan and adobo – images appear - of home, of fun and laughter, of lovingly prepared dishes by lola years and years ago.

Breakfast at Lola's Restaurant means coming home to warmth, love, and tummy-filling satisfaction.

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