Thursday, March 12, 2009


The bugtong is made up of a sentence or question carrying a double meaning that challenges the listener (or reader) to discover and solve. And what makes the bugtong so pleasant to the ear is that it is a riddle (palaisipan) in rhyme!

There are bugtong’s that require sharp intelligence to decipher the metaphors that lie hidden in its meanings. There are other bugtong’s that are hiding behind humorous characterizations. Whatever the form, the bugtong always makes us laugh and think at the same time.

Let's stop awhile and treat ourself to solving a few bugtong's. Can you figure all of these out?
  1. May isang prinsesa, nakaupo sa tasa. (There was aprincess, seated on a cup.)
  2. Balat niya'y berde, buto niya'y itim, laman niya'y pula. Sino siya? (His skin is green, his bones are black and his tissues are red. Who is he?)
  3. May langit, may lupa, may tubig, walang isda. (There is sky, there is land, there is water but no fish.)
  4. Isang magandang dalaga, di mabilang ang mata. (There was a beautiful lady, whose eyes you couldn't count).
  5. Kumpoi-kumpol na uling, hayun at bitin-bitin. (A bunch of charcoal, hanging here and there.)
  6. Nakatalikod ang prinsesa, mukha niya'y nakaharap pa. (The princess has turned around but her face is still facing us.)
  7. Baboy sa pulo, ang balahibo ay pako. (A native pig, with nails as hair.)
  8. Binili ko ng mahal, isinabit ko lamang. (I bought it for a high price but i just hung it.)
  9. Bawat dahong itinatapon ay lumilipas na panahon. (Every leaf that is thrown is time that passes.)
  10. Limang magkapatid, laging kabit-kabit. (Five siblings, they're always together.)
Have fun! :)

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