Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Passing by their breakfast table, I greet James and Nelly Walek, two of our long-time guests. Whenever they come home to the Philippines, they stay at The Mabuhay Manor.

“Come join us for breakfast!” says James. As I sit with them, Mark serves him a platter of bacon and bacon omelet. “That's one thing we like at The Mabuhay Manor,” says Nelly. “If there is something we want, like that bacon which is not available in your breakfast buffet today, they try to give it to us.” Of course, I say. We always try to give what our guests want – as long as it is possible, I hastened to add.

As Nelly adds a squeeze of kalamansi to her orange juice, she shares to me how James now wants to live in the Philippines permanently. “I love the weather here,” interrupts James,. “it's so unlike New York...oo cold for me there now.”

Amidst more laughter and stories, I reluctantly leave the lovely couple who happily smile and wave goodbye. Riding the elevator, I pray that God grant James and Nelly all the happiness their gentle souls deserve.

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