Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jumping to the Tinikling

One-Two-and-one-two-and… This is the jumpy beat of the Tinikling dance. Amidst the clashing of two long bamboo sticks, dancers twirl and jump in and out of the bamboo sticks, making sure not to get caught between the sticks.

The Tinikling comes from the province of Leyte. The dance was said to be an imitation of the movements of the Tikling bird as it tries to escape the bamboo traps left by rice farmers.

Whenever the Tinikling is danced in another country, there is an audible gasp as the rhythm of clashing bamboo gets faster and faster. The contrast between the fleetness of the feet and the sweet flowing arm movements lends a charm to the dance that “wow’s” the audience every time.

Would you want to try dancing the Tinikling?

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