Monday, March 16, 2009

Long Live Philippine Cuisine!

Most Filipinos know what happened on June 12, 1898 – the date of the declaration of Philippine Independence from Spain. But few of us know what the significance of September 29, 1898 is. Care to guess? (Hey, no fair…don’t google the date!)

On this day, the town of Malolos held a celebration to commemorate Philippine Independence. And what a celebration it was! Arcos de cogon, arcos de ramage, and arcos de cana y nipa decorated the Malolos train station and the whole town. The streets were filled with lines of soldiers and bands played national airs. But the highlight of the celebration was the special lunch that was prepared for the VIPs and for the common people.

Of course, the government officials and other important people at that time had French-sounding food to eat (according to historian Ambeth Ocampo, they even ate ice cream!). But the rest of the people in town feasted on tinolang pugo, inihaw na isda, agachonas (snipes), sesos (carabao brains), lengua, menudillos, tortillas, gallinas, mazapans, and lots of fruits!

Hmm…carabao brains anyone?

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