Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking back at the Manila Sound

The early 70s witnessed a rhythmic undercurrent that played to soothe the dark hotbeds of unrest brought about by the imposition of Martial Law. The Manila Sound played to youth reveling in the freedom that music gave within the confines of a largely conservative society innately religious and reserved.

Behind this backdrop, the alternately serious and carefree Filipino youth danced music and sang to songs describing life's problems and saccharine sweet lyrics of love and desire – Filipino style. Who else would dance to lyrics like “..ang puso ko'y dinurog mo, sinaktan at binitin...”! Filipino youth wept and shook their fist at life's hardships one minute and then danced and laughed to the beat of Manila Sound.

Listen once again to Manila Sound and see the face of the Filipino – reserved yet passionate, practical yet romantic, demure quiet, funny, and daringly aggressive.

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