Monday, March 2, 2009

On Beaches, Paksiw and Travelling

While having breakfast at The Mabuhay Manor's Lola's Restaurant, I chanced to chat with a couple who had just arrived from touring some of the best beaches the Philippines has to offer. Lou and Maria Hirota are both from New York and the last time they came home to the Philippines was last 2000. “We've been to different countries. We love to travel,” shared Lou. In between bites of paksiw, Maria regaled me with funny (and not so fun) stories of their travel to Bohol, Boracay and Palawan since they arrived last February 8. But despite the occasional 'irritating' incident when they were going around the beaches, all-in-all Lou and Maria said they still enjoyed their vacation. Their relaxed and happy veneers showed how true this was.

I finally say my 'goodbyes' as they happily munch on the kutsinta (topped with grated niyog) and puto from the breakfast buffet and wish them a good journey back to New York. Hope to see you again, Lou and Maria!

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