Thursday, March 5, 2009

Send Money? Find the Best Way

With so many portals for sending money all over the globe, it is so hard to know which is the more reliable AND economical portal. Let's list some of the more commonly used portals for sending money to the Philippines.
  • Western Union – Funds get transferred almost immediately, in pesos or US dollars, and there are a lot of Western Union branches all over the country. Catch: quite pricey.
  • Money Gram – Funds get transferred almost immediately and rates are cheaper. Catch: not so many branches in the US and in the Philippines.
  • U.K. MoneyGram – Funds can be deposited at main post offices in the UK and can be withdrawn at any PNB branch in the Philippines. Catch: fee for sending up to £100 is £12 rising to £150 for £5000.
  • RemitHome.Com – Online payment portal that transfers cash, either deposited in a bank overseas where the recipient can withdraw it, or a courier delivers it, in cash, to the recipient's home. Pay a flat fee of $10 to send up to $1000. Catch: slower than the other methods.

to be continued...

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