Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer time. Baguio-time!

Each summertime, hordes of families troop to Baguio City, the “Summer Capital of the Philippines.” It seems that everyone wants to escape from the intense summer heat and feel the cool mountain air of Baguio City, filling its streets and parks, and causing gridlocks around the center of town.

Aside from the cool climate, Baguio is known for its fresh vegetables and, of course, the strawberries. You can find vendors hawking small strawberries and large-sized strawberries in abundance or you could easily take a short trip to a strawberry farm nearby. One of the city's top snack offerings though is verbally offensive as it is called “sundot-kulangot” which sounds even worse when translated into English (poke the booger). Once you get over feeling squeamish at the idea of eating booger, it's actually very nice. This snack is actually made of milled glutinous rice, cooked with mollases and placed in pitugo shells. To eat it, you have to poke the small, “kulangot”-sized portions in the shells with a stick – hence it's name. you think we could recommend eating “sundot-kulangot” as one of the obstacles the next time a foreign reality show steps foot in our country?

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