Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sutukil Restaurant: Where you can find the true taste of food

The first settlers in the Philippine Islands cooked over open-fires, roasting and stewing freshly caught fish and fowl, game and root crops. Years passed and our islands were ruled and influenced by foreigners yet we still retained our culture: our stories, traditions, songs, dances and, most specially, our food. Healthy and tasty, food and flavors were handed down from generation to generation.

Sugba, tula and kinilaw are traditional cooking techniques which do not overpower the palate with fancy sauces and fatty mixes, rather, it brings out the simple but rich innate flavor and aroma of good food. The Mabuhay Manor’s Sutukil Restaurant specializes in using fresh ingredients and utilizing these Filipino cooking techniques, passed on lovingly through generations. Guaranteed to bring out the sweet fresh taste of food that only the finest natural ingredients can produce, the Sutukil Restaurant promises to bring you home to where food tastes as it should – fresh, tasty and healthy.

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