Monday, April 27, 2009

DARNA! The fighter with a heart for others

Almost all the kids (and former kids who have grown up) are familiar with Darna, the lady who defends the defenseless, fights against ordinary criminals and other enchanted beings that have extraordinary powers like her. Darna’s character and story was created by Mars Ravelo in the year 1950 for Pilipino Komiks. Beautiful and strong, kind-hearted and brave, she was a character that people wished to be real.

There have been several reel versions of Darna, with famous female actors taking on the role of this feisty Filipino superhero. People flocked to the movies, followed it on TV, and watched the komiks story come to life. And as Darna fought evil, kids and grown-ups alike swore at her enemies and cheered her on as she fought with her fists and feet, with some even getting-up from their seats as if they wanted to jump into the screen and fight along with her.

Darna’s popularity can probably be blamed, not only on her scanty costume, but also at the hope that she gave to the poor and victimized. Her character’s good heart, compassion for the poor and downtrodden, and her extraordinary powers which she used to help others is what people hope to see and experience in real life.

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