Thursday, April 2, 2009

Drinking a tall glass of sa malamig

Hot summer months or not, sa malamig is a popular local beverage that can refresh you after a tiring day. The pandan flavor cools you down and its aroma allows your tension to go away. The bits of gulaman and sago that you gently chew take away the tiredness from your limbs. The sweet taste of panotsa brings back the energy you lost during the day.

We don’t know who thought of mixing that first glass of sa malamig but it probably happened one hot afternoon when the wind was silent and the birds quietly watched as the pandan boiled in water, the panotsa melted, the gulaman was cooked and the sago drained. Then, as the wind gently broke free and the birds tentatively broke out into song, that first tall glass of sa malamig touched parched lips. And our Filipino summers were never the same again.

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