Friday, April 3, 2009


We are not going to talk about that local chieftain who defeated Magellan on the beaches of Mactan a long time ago. We shall, instead, talk about this pricey, better-tasting fish – the lapu-lapu or grouper. When seen in the market, this orange-spotted large fish will surely fetch a high price. This is because it is large and, since it is solitary, has to be truly hunted by the fishermen (usually using a spear-gun). The lapu-lapu is uncommon, sometimes only one or two per reef, and they are very difficult to catch.

Lapu-lapu is best when cooked steamed with soy sauce and ginger. Of course, this tasty fish is good cooked as sinigang, in sweet and sour sauce or as escabeche. This fish is a treat that, hopefully, we will always get to taste.

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