Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The lost kulambo

Have you ever watched those Disney animated cartoons that show the princess’ room? Most of the time there is a kulambo over her bed. Other cultures have also used a kulambo or what is known as a mosquito net. Rich or poor, the kulambo has served them all. Of course the rich used the kulambo that was made of a finer, softer material and the poorer folks used kulambo’s made from ordinary, nylon based materials. Nowadays we seldom see people using the kulambo. But that does not mean it has outlived its usefulness.

It used to be that when dusk sets in mothers would ask their children to affix the kulambo over their sleeping areas. The bringing out of the kulambo would signal that the time to rest and sleep has come and everyone would start to settle down and get ready to end their day.

When you have a kulambo, no matter how many mosquitoes or flies are flitting around, there is a solution to the problem (and you don’t need any of those clogging fumes from those lighted anti-mosquito coils to solve it). Inside the kulambo, it’s another world. Peaceful slumber is just around the corner.

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